Early Modern and Reformation Seminar Programme

Seminars will take place at 5.15pm in the Old Class Library, St John’s House, South Street unless indicated otherwise.

Semester 1, 2022-23

22 Sept (week 2) Jonathan Gibson (St Andrews)
‘Parliamentary sermons in Cromwellian England’.

6 Oct (week 4) Thomas Pritchard (Edinburgh)
‘Mourning Magdeburg: commemorating the fall of cities in the Thirty Years War’.

27 Oct (week 7)
To be held in Parliament Hall.
Reformation Day Lecture, Kat Hill (Birkbeck, London)

‘Silent in the Land: Mennonites, migration and long legacies of the radical Reformation’.

10 Nov (week 9) Jacob Baxter (St Andrews)
‘The Literary Life and Afterlife of Sir William Temple’.

24 Nov (week 11) Liesbeth Corens (Queen Mary’s, London)
‘’Fitter for posteriors then posterity’?: Catholic minorities’ counter-archives’.

Semester 2, 2022-23

26 Jan (week 2) Laura Kounine (Sussex)
‘”Not a drop of tears, or any sweat from fear came from her”: Interrogating mind, body, and emotions in early modern German witch-trials’.

2 Feb (week 3)   Ray Schrire (Tel Aviv)
‘From the Grammar School to the Royal Society: a Cognitive History of the Wonderful Outcomes of a Humanistic Failure’

9 Feb (week 4)  Ellie Woodacre (Winchester)
Examining the Resources and Revenues of Royal Women in Premodern Europe’.

23 Feb (week 6) Laura Sangha (Exeter)
‘Biblical Role Models and Popular Protestantism in England’s Long Reformation’.

[27 February – 3 March vacation]

16 March (week 8) Jane Crawshaw (Oxford Brooks)
‘Building memories of natural disasters in early modern Europe’.

30 March (week 10)    Sarah Johanesen (Manchester)
‘Faith on Trial? The materialisation of Catholic identities in British courts and on the scaffold (c.1558-1640)’.

13 April (week 12) John Gallagher (Leeds)
‘Strangers: migration and multilingualism in England, 1570-1630’.