Semester 2, 2019-20

Seminars take place at 5.15 in the New Seminar Room, St John’s House, 69 South Street, unless otherwise specified

6 February                                    
Sandra Toffolo (St Andrews)
‘The practicalities of pilgrimage: Foreign pilgrims in Renaissance Venice and the circulation of objects and ideas’

20 February                                
Malcolm Walsby (Ennsib, Lyon)
‘The Development of the French Book Market in the first age of print’

5 March                              
Lisa Klattenberg (Caius College, Cambridge)
‘History, information management and reason of state in early modern Spain: Virgilio Malvezzi at the court of Philip IV’

2 April                                  
Jessica Farrell-Jobst (St Andrews)
‘Women in the German Book Trade: the case of Nuremberg’

16 April                                
Suzanne Ivanic (Kent)
‘Religion for Sale in Counter-Reformation Bohemia’

30 April                                
Christopher Langley (Newman)
‘Cultures of Care: Rethinking charity in early modern Scotland’

7 May                                  
Peter Mancall (University of Southern California and Harmsworth Visiting Professor, Oxford)
‘Myth and Reality at the Founding of New England’