Early Modern and Reformation Seminar Programme

Seminars will take place at 5.15pm in the Old Class Library, St John’s House, South Street unless indicated otherwise.

Semester 2, 2023-24

18 Jan (week 1)  Elena Romero-Passerin (St Andrews)

‘Attending the “theatre of nature”: the audience of the museum of la Specola in late 18th century.

1 Feb (week 3)  Maria Zukovs (St Andrews)

‘The Dublin Press and the French Revolution, 1788-1794’.

15 Feb (week 5)  Paola Molino (Padua)

‘The Death of a Celebrity. Rodrigo Calderon’s execution (1621) as a media event’.

7 March (week 7)  Genji Yasuhira (Kyoto)

‘Catholics, Citizenship and Religious Coexistence in the Dutch Republic, 1672-1750’.

21 March (week 9)  Laura Kounine (Sussex) 

‘”Not a drop of tears, or any sweat from fear came from her”: Interrogating mind, body, and emotions in early modern German witch-trials’.

28 March (week 10) Janine Lanza (2024 Cameron Fellow)  St Katharine’s Lodge: 1.10 at 5pm

“Legal Commentaries and Literary Visions: Gender and Law in Early Modern France.”

4 April (week 11)  Benjamin Jackson (Birmingham)

‘Clerical Domesticities in Eighteenth-Century England’.