Early Modern and Reformation Seminar Programme

Semester 2, 2021-22

Seminars will take place at 5.15 via MS Teams. If you would like to join please email Dr Matthew McLean on

20 January, Charlotte Appel (Aarhus)
‘Catechism primers. The case of Denmark’. 

3 February Andrea Evang (European University Institute)
‘The printers of plague incunabula’.

17 February, Joseph Hone (Newcastle)
’Spying on the Press in Enlightenment England’. 

24 Feb  February vacation 

10 March Graeme Millen (Kent/St Andrews)
‘The Scots-Dutch Brigade and the Highland War, 1689-1691’

24 March  Thomas Pritchard (Edinburgh)
‘Mourning Magdeburg: commemorating the fall of cities in the thirty years war’

7 April  Klaudia Kuchno (European University Institute)
‘The Kingdom of Hospitality and the Grand Duchy of Wilderness. Information and Knowledge about Poland and Lithuania in Early Modern Italy’.