Recently completed PhDs

  • Chelsea Reutke, ‘Catholic Print Networks in Restoration England, 1660-1688’ (2020)
  • Forrest Strickland, ‘The Devotion of Collecting: Minsters and the Culture of Print in the Seventeenth-Century Dutch Republic’ (2019)
  • Andrew Carter, ‘The Episcopal Church of Scotland, 1660-1685’ (2019)
  • Jessica Dalton, ‘Jesuit confession and the private absolution of heresy in sixteenth-century Italy’ (2018)
  • Drew Thomas, ‘The Industry of Evangelism: Printing for the Reformation in Martin Luther’s Wittenberg’ (2018)
  • Gillian Jack, ‘Sex, Salvation, and the City: The Monastery of Sant’ Elisabetta delle Convertite as a Civic Institution in Florence, 1329-1627’ (2017)
  • Lucas Kriner, ‘The Activity of the Genevan Consistory, 1542-1552’ (2017)
  • Sean Heath, ‘The Cult of St Louis in Early Modern France’ (2017)
  • Brian Hanson, ‘“The worde of our soules health”: Protestant piety in sixteenth-century England with particular reference to the writings of Thomas Becon’ (2017)