John Knox

As a group of scholars working on the Reformation and related studies, we are fortunate to be located in St Andrews: the historic heart of Scotland’s Renaissance and Reformation. The University (founded in 1411) is the oldest in Scotland, and it was also, in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, a stage on which humanists and reformers acted out their parts in some of the great crises of European intellectual history.

John Knox preached his first Protestant sermon here, and Andrew Melville, his successor as the dominant Scottish ecclesiastical figure of his era, was principal of St Mary’s College. In the centuries since the Reformation St Andrews has cultivated a tradition of excellence in Reformation studies.

The foundation of the Reformation Studies Institute in 1993 reflected the university’s commitment to enhancing St Andrews’ established reputation in this field of scholarship. With its staff and research students, St Andrews now boasts one of the largest concentrations of scholars active in this field in any European university.

The Institute has a distinctly international flavour, partly through our students, and partly through our partnership relationships with similar institutions in Germany, Switzerland and the United States. It sponsors a graduate seminar, conferences and visits from distinguished outside academics.